We love the fact that absolutely anyone can come to this club and feel welcome. The driving force behind our success is, literally, everyone who walks through these doors: the clients, performers, & the family of people who work here!

Enjoy our outdoor area!

2nd Monday of every month is “Monday Munchies”  from 6-8pm.  Customers can bring an appetizer to share with others and share some favorite recipes.

Karaoke Every Wednesday & Sunday Nights at 7PM!

Thomas Crumley Plays Every Thursday 9PM-11PM

5th The Velvet Sirens (Formerly the Ukelele Cowboy Society)
12th Louise Salvador w/Bob J. Mills
19th Stewart, Ross and Wendy
26th Debe Turnbull
2nd Tracy Temple
8th Sean McKay
15th Louise Salvador w/Bob J. Mills
22nd Shane D Wilson Jazz
29th The Velvet Sirens

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